About Wai.

Motivated, Strategic and Customer Driven.

Realtors often use these words to describe themselves and their businesses.  Wai Yeung is a realtor who lives these words.

Growing up in the Vancouver area, Wai always had a great love of the West coast. It wasn’t until 2005, when he moved to Edmonton, that he realized how much he appreciated the rest of the West.  From there, while helping family and friends transitioning between the two cities, he realized there was a need for a realtor with in-depth knowledge of both areas who could provide relocation services to clients moving between Edmonton and Vancouver.

Dividing his time and homes between Edmonton and Vancouver, Wai has built a network of colleagues in both cities, giving his clients a distinct advantage.  Whether you reside in the suburbs, or crave the accelerated pace of downtown, he matches your lifestyle and budget to ensure your cross provincial move is smooth and stress free.

Licensed in both Alberta and B.C., with connections to local realtors, home inspectors, lawyers and moving companies, Wai makes moving between Edmonton and Vancouver seamless.  Whether retiring, or accepting that promotion, he knows the area you are selling in and the area you are moving to, so when you have questions, just ASK WAI!